The blog post hereincludes:

  • background discussion of visual media describing essential characteristics of drawings and models (as media)
  • an introduction of new forms of combinant environmental media that keep intact within them the provision for the authored directive visual statement
  • links to research developments extending the concept further

Any evaluation of modeling should now include an assessment of what modeling can do for the clarity of documentation.  Abstraction is a significant problem. Construction firms often report that deciphering the meaning of abstract drawings represents a very large amount of time, and some even say it is their firm’s greatest challenge. Interpretation no longer need be as difficult:

A new kind of project documentation (please see the blog post above) did not exist before 2012, and is only available from Bentley. It makes it easier for you to create documentation that is clear and understandable. It makes it easier for you to see what you are doing, understand what you are designing, and control the scope and completion status of your drawings and models. Likewise it makes those drawings and models more useful for construction firms. Now they can more easily, correctly, and thoroughly interpret and understand your visual communications.  It saves you time and money, and it saves them time and money.  

Deliver drawings in models instead of either one alone. If you were in the movie making business you would want to author and deliver movies with sound and picture integrated and synchronized. Do the same now with drawings and models, and enrich both media.