A drawing defines a location of reliability within an environment, but it leaves out the environment. So it is insufficient. 

A model defines an environment, but omits designating locations of reliability. So it is insufficient. 

Either of these on its own, is no longer sufficient. Communication must be elevated and made clearer. The two must be combined, just as sound and film were combined in the 1920s. Jack Warner of Warner Brothers, at the time in 1926
said it was a bad idea and would never be commercially viable. He was wrong. 

In 2012, the
combination is the start of much more to come.

A frontier in visual communication  (recap and concept: define locations of reliability within environments)

Augmented reality for building construction  (drawing-augmented models augment…the environment)

Subsurface excavation (a visual transformation)

These are a starting point for many things underway.