I think the concept changes somewhat now. Our goal is no longer (I used to share that goal too) Construction without Drawings.

It is now construction through rich communication media that puts the essential remarks and graphics of the drawings INTO the 3D model where they are easier to understand more thoroughly than as stand alone drawings, and where the model is clarified as required by these drawings (which ARE intended as clarification).

Drawings are so essential that they deserve to be enriched by contextualization in the model that gives them meaning. And the model certainly needs them.

I keep returning to the analogy.

When we look at a movie, we don't say we want a movie without sound. We say we want movies with sound that clarifies and disambiguates the moving picture, while enriching the sound by contextualization in picture.

Both picture and sound are improved by the infusion.

The same now is true for documents and models.

One hundred years ago this was not a given.


And an interesting quote from Jack Warner, 1926, over 25 years AFTER sound film was proven possible:

In September 1926, Jack Warner http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Jack_Warner , head of Warner Bros., was quoted to the effect that talking pictures would never be viable: "They fail to take into account the international language of the silent pictures, and the unconscious share of each onlooker in creating the play, the action, the plot, and the imagined dialogue for himself." http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sound_film Much to his company's benefit, he would be proven very wrong-between the 1927-28 and 1928-29 fiscal years, Warners' profits surged from $2 million to $14 million. Sound film, in fact, was a clear boon to all the major players in the industry.


I add that in our system (Bentley applications) it all just works automatically. You get the drawings IN the 3D model, automatically, just by making the documents.

We also support techniques that make this work connected to models and documents from other sources (outside our own Bentley apps).

We also, I am very happy to say, make this work including even hand sketches, and contextualizing HAND DRAWING into project models.

All of this will be spanning all our Bentley application domains in building, plant, GIS, road, rail..

and more to come..


windows media video: ftp://ftp.bentley.com/pub/outgoing/ras/hypermodel-01.wmv

quicktime movie: ftp://ftp.bentley.com/pub/outgoing/ras/hypermodel-01.mov


Steel is a partial exception



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