What's Coming with Platform Content

Well we are getting close to the end of another exciting development cycle for MicroStation, ProjectWise, GenerativeComponents and Navigator ... so much to write about !!

With the imminent release of MicroStation V8i SELECTseries 1, the Platform Content Team has updated the following courses:

  1. MicroStation V8i Essentials - this is a major update.  We are now shipping a MicroStation Essentials.dgn file in the Examples/General workspace.  This file wil help users get started right away with the manual.  Previous version used the Example files but were somewhat complex for a brand new user so we simplified and are now using less visually complex models to teach from.  Look for more on this effort in the future.
  2. MicroStation for Advanced Users - Updated for V8i SS1, with some re-organizing and new topics, like a much needed comprehensive discussion of ANNOTATION SCALE and DRAWING MODELS.
  3. MicroStation for AutoCAD Users - Yes, we finally 'fessed up and put the AutoCAD name in this course.  Previously, we called it Moving to MIcroStation (V8 2004 and prior versions) ... which begged the question Moving from What? And from V8 XM we called it MicroStation for CAD Users.  Close but no cupcake! With the new agreement between Bentley and Autodesk, we can finally tell you in the title what the course is really about :) No AutoCAD screen shots here but a more comprehensive discussion of how to get the most out of MicroStation if you are an AutoCAD user.
  4. MicroStation V8i User and Administrator Update - Again these have been revised for SS1.  Look for a major revisoin to these courses with the next release of MicroStation as we are looking at new way of doing these Update courses.
  5. MIcroStation V8i Everything 3D - This one is huge ... we completely re-wrote the Visualization module with the full introduction of the Luxology Rendering Engine.  Oh, it was SO MUCH FUN!!  Plus new Conceptual Modeling tools and so much more ... especially and thorough discussion and exercises on the new ACS system.

All of these courses are ready now and will be REPLACING the existing V8i courses when MicroStation V8i SS1 releases.

Our promise to you is to release the most important Platform manuals on the day the software releases, with less used manuals releasing about three to six months after Commercial Release (CR) of the software.

So many more manuals to talk about !!  As always you input is VERY WELCOME!!

Happy Drafting!