OpenBridge Designer - New Interface

OpenBridge Designer is a unique and complete solution for all bridge types, allowing you to use a single comprehensive package from beginning to end of any bridge design project. It offers intuitive capabilities for 3D parametric bridge modeling with intelligent objects, and provides fully integrated modeling, analysis, and design capabilities. The result? Deliverables derived directly from 3D models, improved workflow efficiency, reduction of errors and an overall improved bridge constructability with smooth project delivery.

Beginning with this release, OpenBridge Designer introduces a completely new interface designed to streamline the interoperability between the physical and analytical modeling of bridge structures. The new dashboard offers two workflows: a BIM Workflow, which guides the user through the typical interoperable BIM steps, and a Standalone Workflow meant to support independent, non-interoperable work with any of OpenBridge Designer’s components.

BIM Workflow

Working in a BIM workflow provides users who create multiple projects (which can contain multiple types of bridges) with a significant advantage, having the ability to access overall project information in one central file format, the new OpenBridge Designer file format. The OpenBridge Designer file manages DGN information and its internal connectivity with Bentley’s LEAP Concrete or Steel solutions. Providing true BIM interoperability, OpenBridge Designer provides access to the geotechnical, detailing and visualization disciplines via gINT, ProStructures and LumenRT respectively.


Standalone Workflow

Using the Standalone workflow, the user has the option to work independently with OpenBridge Modeler, LEAP Bridge Concrete or LEAP Bridge Steel. Later, if the project progresses, the user can easily create a new project and incorporate the previously created models into a new BIM Workflow in OpenBridge Designer.

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