Patch Release for LEAP Bridge Enterprise CONNECT Edition V15.01.00.05

   Patch Release for LEAP Bridge Enterprise CONNECT Edition V15.01.00.05

This version fixes the following important issues found in the previous version


  • Incorrect swapping of the design moments in the transverse and longitudinal directions in the isolated spread footing in the Substructure module. The corresponding required steel reinforcement in transverse and longitudinal directions were therefore not correctly calculated.

  • Negative moment at the location of center line of pier was incorrectly calculated in the Precast/Prestressed Girder module.

  • Modification factors which decrease development length were missing in the related calculations in the Substructure module.

  • Shear capacity of pier column was calculated using cross section parameters in the incorrect direction in the Substructure module.

  • Live loads were incorrectly generated when both skew angle and the offset between center lines of superstructure and substructure are not zero.