RM Bridge CONNECT Edition V11 Update 1 (V11.01.00.04) - November 23, 2017

RM Bridge CONNECT Edition V11 Update 1 contains the following enhancements and error corrections:

  1. RM 64-bit
  2. Parallel Sparse Solver
  3. FEM: Enhancements for Shell Elements
    • Envelope-FE Results for Shell Elements
    • Export Load Case-FE and Envelope-FE Result to Excel
    • FE Result integration for Composite Sections
    • Quantity Report for FEM
    • FE Cross-section Modeling Improvements
  4. Enhancements in GUI including:
    • Assign load in main window graphically,
    • New substructure wizard in Modeler,
    • Add graphical support in Analyzer,
    • Copy/paste node coordinate data from RM to excel and vise-versa,
    • Automatic node and element numbering for creating new models in Modeler,
    • Copy/paste variable Table data from excel to RM and vice-versa,
    • Direct access to RM-Set (RHIST) in Tint action (time history analysis),
    • Results View,
    • Display element, nodes, and analysis time count
  5. Enhanced TCL Editor: Error/Warning list generation, and WinMerge/Diff Control
  6. Other Enhancements
    • New live load macro for South Africa standard,
    • User Damping and mode selection for dynamic wind analysis,
    • Excel file output for influence lines and List Sup files,
    • TCL command extensions to access eigen value analysis results,
    • Stress leading superposition results output is now added to list sup,
    • Trapezoidal load applied from begin to end of element series
  7. RM View: Quantity report and Automatic import of generated plot files in RM Bridge
  8. Error Corrections