What's New in LEAP Bridge Enterprise CONNECT Edition v15.01.00.05?

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V8i v15.01.00.05


Windows 8



Before you begin, please note the following:

    • Review the End-User License Agreement (or EULA) carefully during the installation of LEAP Bridge. By installing this release, you agree to the terms and conditions of the agreement. A copy of the End User License Agreement named EULA.pdf will be included in the "\LEAP Bridge Enterprise\eula.pdf" folder of the product installation. By default, this location is "C:\Program Files\Bentley\LEAP Bridge Enterprise."
    • Before installing LEAP Bridge, be sure to fully read this document as well as the Installer Note where you can find critical information important to your installation.

This document contains the following information:

What is New & Changed?


  • ·         LEAP Bridge v15.01.00.05
  • ·         LEAP CONSPAN v15.01.00.05
  • ·         LEAP CONBOX v15.01.00.05
  • ·         LEAP RC-PIER v15.01.00.05
  • ·         LEAP GEOMATH v15.01.00.05
  • ·         Upgrade Instructions


LEAP Bridge  CONNECT Edition v15.01.00.05 incorporates Bentley CONNECT which helps you produce better designs by facilitating collaboration, interoperability, standardization and skills development. For an organization and enterprise, CONNECT provides greater insight and control over project design, deliverables and the people working on them. To learn how CONNECT will benefit you and your projects please read this

For many years LEAP standalone applications such as LEAP CONSPAN, LEAP RC-PIER, LEAP CONBOX and LEAP GEOMATH have been the software tools of choice for many trusted engineering professionals like you. Over the years we transitioned these same products to the LEAP Bridge Enterprise software to provide an integrated solution to bridge engineering problems. As such we have started the process of consolidating products in the Bentley BrIM portfolio. Starting with the first CONNECT Edition release, v15.00.00.41, we stopped making enhancements to the standalone programs being used outside of LEAP Bridge Enterprise. This will be the last release of the standalone products with only bug fixes. We will only continue to enhance the components inside of LEAP Bridge Enterprise.

This release incorporates the latest changes in Bentley’s License Client and several important bug fixes in the substructure component LEAP RC-PIER listed below:


  • Incorrect dynamic load allowance (IM) for permit trucks was used in the analysis results and in the design of columns and footings under the LRFD California option.

  • Program locked up when users tried to show Displacement & Rotation for Envelope Service under Analysis tab.

  • The effect of transverse moment on the combined footing was incorrectly calculated for multi-column piers with different column sizes.


Upgrading from LEAP Bridge Enterprise

    • Follow the on-screen instructions and install the program.
    • The program will automatically be installed in the existing LEAP Bridge Enterprise folder.
    • During installation, program default libraries will be added under “C:\ProgramData\Bentley\LEAP Bridge Enterprise\” folder to comply with Windows standards to eliminate problems with access to users without Admin privileges.
    • The installation program will not overwrite the files already existing in the library folder.
    • If you have customized program libraries, you can move them to the above folder, and set the correct paths in the Library Setup dialog from within LEAP Bridge interface.

Installer Note

How to install & activate LEAP Bridge CONNECT Edition?


  Installation Wizard

  Activation wizard

This section guides you through the process of installing LEAP Bridge on your computer. In order to install LEAP Bridge V8i, please login as an Administrative user. LEAP Bridge can be installed by invoking Setup.exe. If you use Setup.exe, no other special consideration is necessary. Simply follow the instructions that follow. For details on the installation, please refer to the Installation Wizard section in this manual.

Note: LEAP Bridge V8i requires Microsoft .NET 4.5 framework to be installed in order to operate properly.

Installation Wizard:

    • First log into the Bentley SELECT Services Web site and download the LEAP Bridge installation kit for the version you have purchased. Please do not download the individual components (such as CONSPAN, RC-PIER, etc.) if you intend to install LEAP Bridge. The LEAP Bridge Enterprise installation package includes the necessary components.
    • Once you have downloaded the LEAP Bridge Enterprise installation files, locate the install folder. Run the installer file by double clicking the setup.exe icon.
    • You will be greeted by the Welcome screen. Click Next> to proceed with the installation process.
    • You are now presented with the End User License Agreement for this software. Please read the agreement and then click the radio button to accept the terms when finished. You may also print a copy for your records. Click Next> to continue.
    • You will be asked for an installation location. This is the directory location of the program on your computer.
    • The installer now has gather all the information needed to complete the installation. Click Install to finish the process. The wizard begins installing the program onto your computer. Once the process is complete, click Finish to exit the Wizard..
    • After the installer completes its process, the program is ready for use. You can launch the program by clicking the Start button and then All Programs > Bentley > LEAP Bridge Enterprise.

Note: Until you have activated a license for the program, it will remain in demo mode and function for only 30 days past installation.

Activating a product using the Product Activation Wizard

This is for installations which use a Bentley Server to authenticate the Bentley SELECT License used to run LEAP Bridge. In order to complete the installation, the SELECT Server Name and Site Activation Key will be required. If you do not have these, please contact Bentley technical support. Without this information the installation will operate using a trial license for only 7 days.

    • Install LEAP Bridge Enterprise following the instructions in the Installation section.
    • Locate the Bentley SELECT License Management Tool, LicenseTool.exe in the program installation folder (typically the location is c:\Program Files\Bentley\LEAP Bridge Enterprise\).
    • Select the SELECT subscriber activating against a hosted (Bentley) SELECT Server option and then click the Next > button.
    • The dialog box displays with the Server name provided for Bentley’s server. Complete the Site Activation Key received from Bentley and click the Next > button. Before accepting the entered information, you may also choose to click the Test Connection button to confirm that the entries are correct.
    • Enter the SELECT Server name and the Site Activation Key received from Bentley, and click the OK button. If you do not know these, please contact your system administration. Before accepting the entered information you may also choose to click the Test Connection button to confirm that the entries are correct.
    • After the information is accepted by the system, the program then displays all the available licenses for your usage as shown in the following dialog box. The license security is now in place. The installation is complete and LEAP Bridge is ready for use.

Note: You may need to contact your system administrator if your organization uses a proxy server to connect to the Internet. Click the Proxy... button in the Product Activation Wizard to display a dialog for entering these connection settings.

Directory Structure

The default directory of LEAP Bridge is "C:\Program Files\Bentley\LEAP Bridge Enterprise\", if the user has not changed the location during installation. The tutorials are installed in the Example directory within LEAP Bridge folder. Help directory within LEAP bridge folder contains all the necessary help files for individual components. Lib folder contains the default library files for rebars, tendons, cross sections. It is recommended not to delete the default library files. Starting with v12.01.00.57, there is a change in the location of the library files. During installation, program libraries will by default be added under “C:\ProgramData\Bentley\LEAP Bridge Enterprise\” folder to comply with Windows standards to eliminate problems with access to users without Admin privileges. If you have customized program libraries, you can move them to the above folder, and set the correct paths in the Library Setup dialog from within LEAP Bridge interface.

Support and Services Information

FAQs, What's New/Changed and other technical information can be found on Bentley's technical support documentation page.

You can efficiently log issues that you encounter in Bentley products with the Service Ticket Manager. Information on other professional support and service offerings from Bentley is available online at SELECTservices Online.

Using the Online Help

LEAP Bridge features a user manual available in the .chm format. A pdf version of the step by step guide to the tutorials is also provided. Tutorial files are located in Example directory. Adobe® Acrobat Reader® is required to use the pdf tutorial manual. Acrobat Reader is a free download available at www.adobe.com. The installation process will automatically install the user manual for LEAP Bridge and each component application (GEOMATH®, CONBOX®, CONSPAN® and RC-PIER®) in the Help folder. To access the manual and tutorials, select the appropriate link from the Help menu.

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