What's New in OpenBridge Modeler V8i SELECTseries 1

 A new version of OpenBridge Modeler is now available. Based on user feedback we have added several enhancements and a few bug fixes. 

  • Pier Columns can now be defined with variable cross-sections including parabolic, linear and circular transitions between sections thus allowing flexible and advanced column shapes.
  • Geometry data transferred to LEAP Bridge Concrete (using the Interop > Analytics option) can now be changed in LEAP Bridge Concrete and selected changes brought back to OBM including beam type, beam ID, material properties, and layout and spacing of beams.
  • OBM now features options to facilitate modeling of bridges on a separate bridge alignment which is offset from the roadway alignment. All station references are taken from the roadway alignment.
  • Tendons modeled in RM Bridge can now be transferred to OBM. OBM then displays the 3D tendon objects and path graphically along with important material information in the element information panel.
  • Minor Enhancements:
    • Beam rotation - for prestressed girders, user can now override the calculated rotation angle in the Beam Definition dialog. Also now handles crown situation.
    • Steel girder definitions - new options to define with respect to pier lines.
    • Crash walls - Available for substructure objects. The transfer to analytics is also supported.
    • Rock sockets - rock sockets can now be added under drilled shafts in substructures.
    • Girder library - new girder sections from Illinois DOT, Florida DOT, NEBT, Texas DOT, and Virginia DOT are available in the standard sections library.
    • Constraints definition graphics - the variation graphics on the Solid Constraints Definition dialog have been enhanced to display dimension labels, support locations, and support labels.
    • Pierline to Precast Offset - separate pierline offsets for start and end of precast girder span. The sign convention is now +ve is ahead of pierline and -ve is behind pierline (consistent with other offsets in the program)
    • New direct link to Tutorials section of the manual is now available in the Help menu