What's New in RM Bridge CONNECT Edition V10 Update 3?

Enhancements in RM Bridge CONNECT Edition V10 Update 3 (V10.03.00.18):


RM Bridge CONNECT Edition V10 Update 3 contains the following enhancements and error corrections:

  1. Stress-leading Superposition

  2. Bilinear Hysteretic Elements

  3. New RM-Set for Time History (RHIST)

  4. Enhanced TCL Editor

  5. RM View: Customized Report Generation

  6. Enhancements in GUI including: new easy-access icons, Load visualization in the main window, display support reactions in the result pad, Material Quantity report, option to specify Homogenous Wind Field, Sub-steps input in Time History Analysis (Action TINT), graphical view of assemblies in Analyzer, and more.

  7. Error Corrections

    Note: RM Bridge View and RM Bridge Advanced will be delivered in one package. While installing RM Bridge Advanced, RM Bridge View automatically will be installed on your machine. Prior to installing the latest version, please uninstall any pre-existing RM Bridge View.