What's New in LEAP Bridge Concrete CONNECT Edition V19? (April 9, 2019)

LEAP Bridge Concrete (LBC) CONNECT Edition V19 ( with CONNECT Licensing is now available to all users on Bentley Software Downloads. This release contains enhancements and bug fixes. The main enhancements are summarized below.

  • 64-bit Upgrade
    64-bit provides faster analysis, superior capability of handling large/complex bridge models, and better interoperability with other Bentley 64-bit applications. The application is the first release with a new *.lbcx file extension. Besides, it also opens all the existing LEAP files, including *.lbc, *.xml, *.csl, *.cbx, *.rcp, *.gmd. However, when a user file is saved, it is only saved as *.lbcx.
  • Support Iowa DOT’s 8 standard Beams (BT and STD series)
  • Support Utah DOT’s 8 standard Beams (UBT series)

For the detailed release notes, see the attached PDF file.

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