What’s New in the LEAP Bridge Concrete Patch (v16.02.00.11)?

We recently identified a few issues in the current market version of LEAP Bridge Concrete. The details of the issues are as shown below. We have fixed those issues, and created a maintenance patch (v16.02.00.11). If you need this patch, please contact our technical support manager Ignacio Almagro (Ignacio.Almagro@bentley.com).

  • In Precast/Prestressed Girder module
    • Analytical results of individual load cases were not correctly reported under the Analysis tab.
    • Value of the user input center of gravity of beam section was not saved in a correct format, causing unexpected change when the dialog was reopened.
  • In CIP RC/PT Girder module
    • Unable to add multiple rows of steel reinforcement, and steel reinforcement was accidentally removed when a file with multiple rows of steel reinforcement was opened.

  • In Substructure module
    • Moment capacity was calculated incorrectly in flexural design check when multiple rows of steel reinforcement were used.
    • Unable to retain any new pile sections added to the library.
    • Program crashed when a new load group was created by copying from an existing load group.
    • Strain load was not correctly shown after it was input and reopened.