• MX System Parameter Offset Toggles (VOFF,NOFF,SOFF)

    These are System Parameter (Minor Option 017) toggles which determines how offsets are measured in Major Option DESIGN.

    VOFF - Horizontal offsets are applied horizontally from a subsidiary string, and vertical offsets are applied perpendicular to the horizontal plane.

    NOFF - Horizontal offsets are applied horizontally from a subsidiary string, and normal offsets are applied perpendicular to the plane between the reference…

  • Bentley MX V8i SELECTseries 3 Released

    Hi All

    A quick update to let you know that MX V8i SELECTseries 3 has been officially released. MX V8i SELECTseries 3 is listed as version number on the SELECTservices Download site as shown below.

    MX V8i SELECTseries 3 incorporates OpenRoads technology which is the new shared technology also available in the SELECTseries 3 releases of InRoads, GEOPAK, and PowerCivil.

    There is allot of information on the changes…

  • MX Slope Signature Strings as Tadpoles

    Some of ye may be aware of the Add Slope Signature String tool (Modify>Edit String>Add Slope Signature String) that can be used to manually create slope signature strings between any two strings as shown below.

    This does not match the tadpole style of the earthworks created in the design. A custom style set can set up to change the display of the slope signature string to be created with tadpoles. The custom…

  • Reset "Tip of the Day"

    If you have inadvertently disabled the "Release Notes" and "Tip of the Day" panels that appear on start-up of MXRoad there is a way to enable them again.

    Shutdown MXRoad and browse to the install folder of MXRoad and browse to the Exec Folder. C:\Program Files (x86)\Bentley\MX V8i\MX\MFW\Exec is the path for an install of MXRoad on Windows 7.

    In that folder double click on the executable named MXUserReg…

  • MX Geographic Coordinate System

    This blog post will explain the process of selecting and changing the coordinate system for a design. Selecting and changing the coordinate system can be carried out on a dgn file containing cad elements. A coordinate system can be set for the dgn file containing mx elements, however changing the coordinate system on a dgn file containing mx elements will not work as the mx element positions are locked. This blog post…

  • MX 2d to 3d Surface

    MX has the functionality to convert a 2d survey with annotated spot levels into a 3d Survey. The function is called 2D to 3D Surface, it use the text for the spot level values to generate a triangulations surface and adds levels to the original model.

    The example below uses a 2D survey that has already been converted into an MX model (2d survey GENIO.TXT attached).

    Load up the 2D to 3D Surface tool (MX>Modify>Edit Models…

  • MX Chainage Annotation

    Hello and a Happy New Year to our MX Users from the MX support team. I'm going to kick off the new year with a few blog posts on various topics. 

    Some users require changing the chainage annotation  to be on the other side of the road centreline. The steps below detail how to do this by modifying the style set.

    In the original style set the chainage annotation is to the right of the road centreline as shown below.

  • MX v8i Embankment with Ditch

    Hi All

    Some users ask us how to add a ditch at the bottom of an embankment without having to run another earthworks style from the toe of the embankment.

    The process for doing this is to use a reverse earthworks style, this places a fixed style at bottom of the earthworks where it meets the ground surface be it a berm or a ditch.

    Information on the linemode setup for a reverse earthworks style is provided in the MX…

  • MX v8i SS2 Pinned Icon in Windows 7

    Hi all

    Many users are moving to Windows 7 as the operating system on their machines. Some are using the Pin this Program to the Taskbar function of Windows 7 with MX v8i SS2.

    A few users have reported the error below when starting MX v8i SS2 from a pinned icon on the taskbar.

    The recommendation is to start MX from the Desktop Icons or the Program Menu for MX v8i SS2 on Windows 7. 

    Any questions, please add comments…

  • MX v8i Line Styles in Microstation

    Hi All

    I've been neglecting the MX Users blog posts as of late but have a few posts lined up to make up for it.

    This post relates to using MX line style as used in MX style sets in the Microstation CAD platform.

    When MX is initially installed it has Microstation line style files (*.rsc) stored in C:\ProgramData\Bentley\MX\mfm\data (this example is the Windows 7 path).

    One of there line style files is called mxwrklsf…

  • MX Drainage – Multiple Pipes

    One of the less known features of MX Drainage is the ability to add up to 3 pipes between notes. This update was added to MX Drainage in MX version A run through of the process is detailed below.

    Create a pipe run as standard as shown below.


    Select the pipe run by clicking on it; it should be highlighted as below. (Ensure that the application focus is set to MX)


    Right Click on the pipe to get the…

  • MX Triangulation Void Creation

    Creating a void in a triangulation is something you may have a need to do from time to time, for example at locations where there are ponds in a survey.

    This can be achieved by using a string called a PBRK string, the PBRK string is a point string that will be excluded from the subsequent triangualtion analysis. There can only be one PBRK string per model however the PBRK string can have as many points as you require…

  • MX Long Section Text

    Many users have come across the issue below where values for items in the vertical or horizontal schematic diagrams for long sections are removed, this is normally seen where short elements are in the design.


    The reason for this is due to an MX parameter called CLUTTEXT, this parameter is enabled by default in the MX parameter files. This parameter controls cluttered text and by default it removes the values from the…

  • MX v8i Earthworks Creation

    One of the queries that crops up regarding earthworks creation in MX is the Cut/Fill strategy and how it affects the earthworks creation. The easiest way to show the difference in the strategies is to run through a quick example.

    The example I'm and going to show involves a scheme running close to properties where there is requirement to have a minimum cut of 3m or an earth bund of 3m where the scheme is in fill or…

  • MX SELECTseries 2 Update

    Hi All.

    MX SELECTseries 2 Update (listed as Bentley MX V8i United Kingdom Update 1) is available for MX version The update can be downloaded from the Select Services downloads page.   

    Here are a few details about the update that may be helpful

    1. To download the update select Product >Bentley MX and change the category to Filter By > Download Category > Enhancements and Updates.

    2. All…

  • MX Drainage Export to WinDes W12

    Hi All

    Some of ye may be experiencing  issues with exporting SWS files from MX Drainage to WinDes W12. The two issues and recommendations are outlined below.


    Issue 1. WinDes W12 not reading SWS files created by MX Drainage

    At WinDes W12, MicroDrainage moved to a .NET environment. The code to read a SWS file then had a problem reading various third party SWS files, MX Drainage being one of them, because some lines…

  • MX Dynamic Analysis eSeminar Recordings 21/03/12

    Hi All

    Below are links to the recording for the recent MX Dynamic Analysis eSeminar.

    Part1 – Surface Checker, Masking, Surface Analysis, and Create a String Dynamically.

    Part 1-1 - http://communities.bentley.com/other/old_site_member_blogs/bentley_employees/m/bentley_employees_gallery/204139/download.aspx

    Part 1-2 - http://communities.bentley.com/other/old_site_member_blogs/bentley_employees/m/bentley_employees_gallery…

  • MX E-Seminar Dynamic Analysis

    Hi Guys


    Late notice I know, but you should hopefully have had email invites.

    It’s e-seminar time again and our next session is “Dynamic Review”. For those of you that haven’t seen it we are told by your colleagues that it is really useful and well worth a little of your time to get to know.


    The session is planned for Wednesday the 21st of March at 12.30 


    The subjects we will cover in the…

  • Environmental Landscape Bunds

    Hi, I have just completed the design of a Park and Ride with associated link roads. I now want to create environmental landscape bunds between the car park area and the new link road. I was wondering if anyone can offer advice on the quickest/easiest/best way of carrying out this operation. Any help will be appreciated.

  • MX System Requirements & Graphics Stability Information

    Hi all.

    Some information regarding system requirements and graphics stability for MX.

    Below is a link to the system requirements for Microstation, which is what MX standalone is sitting on top of in the standalone option, (the Powerbase MX standalone sits on top of is over 90% Microstation):


  • MX Data Acquisition - Point Clouds

    Hi All.

    Recently some users have had problem importing Lidar xyz data into MX using either the MX Lidar import or the Lidar import in the Data Acquisition tool. The import issue seems to be related to the formatting in the file. Rather than having to reformat the file the quickest method is to import the Lidar xyz data using the Point Cloud tool provided in Bentley MX V8 SELECTseries 2.

    The Point Cloud tool converts a point…

  • MX Visibility Analysis Objects

    Hi All.

    A brief run through of the Objects tab in the Visibility Analysis tools. As an example I’ll use the junction visibility analysis tool.

    The screen shots below show that there is a building to the left of the junction within the splay and a fence to the right that crosses the visibility splay.

    These obstructions are following the ground surface (base of building and base of the fence) and they do…

  • Pavement Design eSeminar 15/02/2012

    Hi All.

    Attached are videos and datasets for the different aspects covered in the Pavement Design eSeminar for those that couldn’t attend.

    The topics covered are below.

    1. Pavement Layer Design
    2. Tabular Method
    3. Template Method
    4. Urban Method

    Pavement Layer Design Video - http://communities.bentley.com/products/road___site_design/m/road_and_site_design_gallery/199608.aspx

    Tabular Method Video - http://communities…

  • MX Data Acquisition Tool

    Hi All

    We have recently been getting queries into the help desk asking how to bring certain surveys into MX that aren't listed in MX>File>Import. The tool to use for this is the Data Acquisition tool.

    Data Acquisition compiles information from the following sources:

    Field Data Formats:

    InRoads Text Import Wizard (.tiw)
    InRoads Intermediate (.fwd)
    GEOPAK (.obs)
    Tripod Data Systems (.rw5 & .raw)

  • MX V8i How to add Cut and Fill Hatching to Plans and Longsections

    Hi All.

    First Post of the New Year.

    This post will explain the process of applying hatching to cut and fill areas of a design for plans and longsections using input files. The images below show what will be achieved.

    For this process I’ll be using an example design included in the attached genio file (EXAMPLE GENIO.txt). The models used are detailed below.

    Design model – DESIGN UG

    Ground model…