Civil Product Support, including MX, Bentley RailTrack, Arenium and Power Civil.

Hello All,

As of today, we have a new telephone system which we hope will make it easier for us to interact with you.

The new Phone Number is a Free Phone Number and for the UK is :

0808 101 9246

You will then enter a menu option from which you can choose how to contact us.

The levels are as follows, (Existing issues only use the top level) :

Level 1, New or Existing Issues. For new issues press 1, for existing issues, press 2 and have you ST number handy. If you don't have your ST number, use option 1. We can transfer you.

Level 2. If you have your Customer ID number Select 1, if you don't press 2.

Level 3 Select a Product Group. Press 6 for Civil Products

Level 4 Press a Product Press 3 for MX and Arenium or 2 for Bentley RailTrack.

You can enter a menu option at any time, and do not have to wait to go through the whole menu. So to get hold of MX Support for a new issue you dial :-

0808 101 9246 then press 1 then 2 then 6 then 3.

You will then be passed through to an engineer.

Rest assured, it will still be either myself Dean or Jim here to answer your calls, and in additon we have an extra MX Support engineer, Jason Walsh. He's been with us for a while, working out of our Dublin Office, and is an experienced MX user. So its all the same team, just a slightly different way of getting hold of us

Please feel free to give this service a try out, just to be happy with how you need to contact us. Also please bear in mind, the old number will disappear very soon.

In all honesty, this change is long overdue. Our old phone system, is cumbersome, and not the most reliable. We've been using it for over 10 years, and it provides no interaction with our CRM functionality, and is light years behind what all other support providers use. The new system also should provide better call quality too, and as I said, its free for you to dial.

I look forward to hearing from you via our new system, and please have a go at using it as soon as possible.

Any feedback, please drop me a mail at


  • Hi SImon,

    Just thought I would reply with feed back, after my recent call.

    There seemed to be a wait at first to actually get connected to the menu syste, (Maybe about 20 seconds)

    But following the quick dial above (Press 1 2 6 then 3) I got connected straight throuh to you without any trouble.