MX Annotating Cross Sections with Services.

Hi All,

Every so often, we get asked about annotating Cross Sections with Services.

Its not the easiest thing to do, but with some thought on string and model naming and masking, and an input file, some decent results can be obtained. You can also use it for annotating Drainage runs on cross sections too.

The example below is a simple example, where all the services are in the same model, but have different string names for different service types. They have been displayed using the Existing Services Style Set.

You can now Section through the Design (and Existing if you wish) and the Services Model and then draw up the two sets of sections, see below.

Now this is a smple example, but using masking, different services can be saved as different section sets and drawn in different colours and using different macro symbols, so you can come up with some pretty useful sections drawings.

As I said this can also be used to annotate drainage, and other ancillary items you may wish to show.

I have an example dataset and input file which draws up the models and sections shown above. (The screen grabs don't do it justice really).

If you are interested, then drop me a mail at the usual place.