MX E-Seminar Dynamic Analysis

Hi Guys


Late notice I know, but you should hopefully have had email invites.

It’s e-seminar time again and our next session is “Dynamic Review”. For those of you that haven’t seen it we are told by your colleagues that it is really useful and well worth a little of your time to get to know.


The session is planned for Wednesday the 21st of March at 12.30 


The subjects we will cover in the session are:


Dynamic Long Sections

Dynamic Cross sections

Dynamic Analysis

Surface Checker

Surface Analysis

Volumetric Analysis

Design Checker

Create Composite Model / Automatic Boundary

Create a String Dynamically

Design Centreline between two Strings


As always the session will be for approximately 40 minutes, with time at the end for Q&A.


The meeting site is here:


It’s best to test the connection well before the start time to be sure you can get access (the site is always live). Should you have a problem connecting I have attached a document which should help.


The seminars will be recorded and published on Simon Peggs blog site (the recording of the Overlay Tools session has been posted to the blog):


For those who don't have sound on their PC's here are the details of the conference line:


Chairperson Name:        PAUL BENNETT   

Ready-Access Number:     08004960579     

Secondary Ready-Access Number:   +44 0207 904 0084      

7-Digit Access Code:     7993434


When logging in to the Blackboard site could you please put your email address in the name field to help us identify who has attended. For those with several logging in as one could you please add a + at the end of your email address - I will contact you after the session for a list of who was watching with you.


Please let me know if you can attend and if you have others watching with you.


We will be using voice over PC and via conference line as usual.