MX E-Seminars Starting Up Again

Hi All,

Just wanted to let you know that the first of this seasons E-Seminars is This Thursday 6th October at 2.30 pm.

Dean Rickwood will be presenting a seminar on using some of the CAD tools within MX Standalone.

They have been around since MX XM, but its still something that come up at User Group meetings, that users don't know what the CAD tools do, and how they can be used day to day.

We appreciate that AutoCAD has long been the more prevalent CAD tool you use, but you can do everything you do in AutoCAD, in MX Standalone. Its just knowing where it is and what its called. Therefore part of Deans presentation will be showing equivalent AutoCAD tools inside of MX Standalone.

From listening to you the users, we think this should be beneficial to all MX users. We're not trying to direct you away from AutoCAD, but sometimes, it is easier just to stay in Standalone and do some of the simple drawing things in there, rather than dip out.

Hope to see you there. for details either drop me and email or Paul Bennett

Just so you can pencil future E-Seminars in to your diary, we plan on holding them at 2.30 first Thursday af the month, although we may try sometimes drop in ones in between.

Any topics you would like to see covered, let me know.


PS. The E-seminars will be recorded and posted here shortly aftrewards, and yes I am aware that we are a couple of recording behind. We'll get them posted soon.