MX V8i SELECT Series 2 Advanced Notification

Hi all,

Somthing that came out at the User Group Meetings, was the lack of notcie we gave on forthcoming software releases.

You all understood that it was dificult for us to give a specific date for a release, due to many factors affecting the release, but wanted at least a rough time scale some time in advance.

This was so you could plan installs and upgrades, and not find out a few days after upgrading, that we had released an update.

So here's our first go. We're aiming to get MX SELECT Series 2 released sometime in the summer, best estimate at the moment is about mid-July. This of course could change, and if it does, I'll make sure I keep you updated via my Blog.

I'll get an idea of whats in SS2, shortly and post that up here too.

Hope this helps.

Simon Pegg

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