MX V8i SELECT Series 2 UK - Available to Download Now.

Hi All,

MX V8i SELECT Series 2 UK is available to download now. Actually, it was available to download start of last week, but I was on leave when it went live, so you may already know this !

Anyway, you can get it now. Login in to SELECT and use the following search criteria :-

Product : Bentley MX

Download Category : SELECT Released Products

Files Posted Within : Last 6 Months

Its called Bentley MX V8i United Kingdom. Build Posted 19/8/2010 and its 699.9 Mb

Take MX and the Pre-requsite Pack, and Microstation if you need it. You don't need it if you just want to run MX Standalone and / or MX in AutoCAD.

As before, pleae uninstall the previous version of MX, before installing SS2. You can't just lay it over the top of the previous version.

There's the usual Bug Fixing Project and also Support for AutoCAD 2011 as I previously mentioned.

Any problems, please get in touch on 01403 217749.