MX V8i Surface Analysis - Catchment Areas.

Hi All,

Just spoke with someone who wanted to get an idea of catchment areas on his design. They weren't aware of the Catchment Areas option within the Surface Analysis Wizard.

Its a very handy tool, and after going through it, it was exactly what he wanted. I'm sure a lot have people have seen and used it but just to remind you....

Go in to Analysis>Surface Analysis and pick the model you wnat to analyse. It triangulates it in the back ground and then shows you all the Analysis Options. The bottom one is Catchment Area.

It now works out from the triangulation, where all the catchment areas are for this particular surface and creates boundary strings around each area. You can click on the display and it highlights that area in a colour, plus shows the flow arrows. See results example below.


Area 2 is shown in Cyan. either click on the list or the display to select a different area. The areas of each Catchment are also given. You can also Save or Print out the results.

When you exit out of the Surface Analysis Wizard, as well as the Triangulation Model which it always creates, you can Save the Catchment Boundaries and the indivudual Catchment Triangulations.

Nice little tool, which  produces soem useful results.

Hope its of interest.

Simon Pegg