MX E-Seminar recordings Cad Drafting

Hello All

We've completed the recordings of the last e-seminar, well to be honest all the hard work has been done by my esteemed colleague Mr Dean Rickwood. So many thanks to Dean.

The live session was attended by over 50 users, so thanks to those who did. If you didn't catch it, you can view the recordings.

Dean has split the recording up in to two chunks to make it more manageable for you to deal with

I've had a few problems trying to attach them to this post as they are quite large. When I've resolved the issue, I'll attach them to this post. In the mean time you should be able to download them easily from the FTP Site. The FTP site does periodically get cleared up, so if for any reason you can't get them it may be that they've been deleted. Drop me an email, and I'll repost them.

Attached below are links to our FTP where you will find recordings of  his recent E-Seminar on using the CAD tools within MXStandlaone.

Just cut and paste into your browser and it should start downloading.



There is a new Link to two smaller WMV files :



I do encourage you to have a go at some of the things Dean has shown, I'm convinced they will add value to the product and improve your workflow.

As always, and problems or any questions about the content, please either post below, email me at or give us a call on 0808 1019246 (see previous post).

The next E-seminar is schedule for November 10th. Keep an eye out for your email, and I will post more details here nearer the time.


PS I'm on Leave 24th 28th October, so during that time, any problems, give us a ring.