MX V8i. What's a Survey Display or Style Set going to produce.

Hi All,

We get asked about how a Style Set is going to look, or how to specify a survey and how to get it to look how you want it to.

The start of this is really your Survey Style Set. This dicatates string naming and the colours and styles that its going to produce.

Sometimes we get asked this question from the other direction. I've been sent a style set, but I've no idea what its going to produce.

To resolve all these problems with how a Style Set displays things, a couple of versions ago, we built the Style Set Checker.

This can be found under Tools>Style Set Checker.

Then it really does exactly what it says.


You have toggles across the top to select which types af Style sets are shown, and then you can tick or untick to select individual Style Sets

Once you have picked one, it loads the details up on the bottom panel.


It will display the string mask, sub reference etc etc. The edit and display buttons now become active, so you can save a style set to a csv file, use the Display Style Set tool, open in the Style Set Editor or open in Notepad (Not recommended !).

The Display style Set button gives you plenty of options for displaying it. Basically, what it does is create a string in a temporary model for every feature in the style set, and then draws that string as per the style set.

Just pick the options you want, and a drawing gets created.



This is a section of the Detail Survey Style Set.

If you then needed to pass this on to some other part of your project group, e.g. Surveyors, or Landscape Designers etc, you could create a PDF of this.

This is only part of theStyle Set Checkers functionality. Please have a go with it.

Any questions, please add comments to this post, or drop me a mail at or call us on 0808 1019246.