MX Visualisation. Good results are not as difficult to produce as you may think.....

Hi Guys,

We often get asked about producing rendered images and fly throughs etc, and indeed we have shown similar things at User group Meetings in the past. I got asked again today to produce some examples.

Attached below are some stills from an AVI I produced from an MX model. All of this was done using MX V8i Standalone, so you have the tools to do exactly what you see below.


Overall 3d View of the Models                                                  View 1 near the Start, bottom right of Overall                           View 2, near junction, top right.


View 3, just after bridge showing cars and lights                  View 4, Over view of Bridge

There's a certain amount of preparation you need to do to set this up, but you can put as much or as little detail on this as you like. The basic process is this.

Triangulate both the design and ground models.

Use Automatic Seeding to Group the Triangles. (Or actually any method you like for grouping the triangles ).

Customise Grouped Triangle style sets to include Materials and Group Codes.

Reference in other features if required, eg Bridge Deck and Piers, which are DWG's in this case.

Add Roadmarkings using macrolines or Microstation linestyles.

Place 3d cells to add detail such as trees, cars and lighting columns. (These are freely available, plus we have many examples).

Add lighting if so desired.

Use the Fly Through option to create an AVI file, NOT the MX 3d Model Viewer. ( I haven't worked out how to post an AVI to my Blog otherwise I would).

Additionally, you can also carry out the following, Use Saved Views, Publish to 3d PDF, Export to Google Earth.

The above screen grabs are fairly rough and ready, but didn't take me long to do, and as I say, you have all the tools available to do this yourself now. As with all these things, the more time you put in the more detail you can add, and the better the final results. With practise they get easier, quicker and better.

If you are interested in this in a bit more detail, get in touch with me as below. Hope this is of interest.