TSG eSeminar. V8i User Interface


Just wanted to publiciise another eSeminar we're running about MX. Actually Dean Rickwood is doing all the work for it.

Its going to cover anything and everything to do with the MX V8i Interface. Much of it you should be familiar with, but we do hear time and again, about users wanting to know what everything does, and how to improve their work flow and hence productivity. This eSeminar will help.

Its a compilation of stuff from the last few User Group Meetings, plus anything else we've picked up on that users have asked about, from the support team, account managers, Newsgroup Postings, or wherever.

I'd reccommend it to any user, experienced or not, as everyone will pick up something useful.

If you're interested watch out for an invite in the next couple of days, or feel free to email myself or Dean for links to the session. we use something called illuminate to share the presentation with you, which is a standard application, which most people don't have too many issues with.

The date is Thursday Week 5th of August at 2.30 pm and the Agenda includes :-

·         AccuSnap Settings and Tool tips

·         Task Bar

·         MX, the Button Bar and AccuSnaps

·         To NTA or not to NTA

·         Output window configuration

·         Level Manager and Level Display

·         Script Manager and Reference Files

·         Open a DWG in MX Standalone

·         Convert CAD elements to an MX model

·         2D data to 3D data conversion

·         Export to DWG

·         View Toggles

·         Recovery Wizard

Contact us at simon.pegg@bentley.com or dean.rickwood@bentley.com


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