• CAD models in 3D (stereo)

    The 3D models that we create and visualize are 3-dimensional. Unfortunately, when viewed on a standard monitor, those models are projected on the 2D surface of the screen, therefore one dimension is lost in the process - 3D models become flat. Consequently, we must use our prior knowledge and experience to interpret the 3D shape of the model. That can generally be done easily, but the viewing experience is not as good…

    • Mon, Nov 16 2009
  • From Dream to (virtual) Reality

    Creating 3D models using CAD software is not ideal.  Although the model is 3D and the CAD software is also 3D, the model is displayed on the flat 2D surface of a monitor.  Moreover, to manipulate the model, we use a mouse, moving it on a 2-dimensional surface.  By using 2D devices, we lose some of the richness of our 3D models. 

    Moreover, our 3D models are small - so small they fit into a 21-inch monitor.  I admit…

    • Wed, Apr 1 2009