• Tip No.16: Getting latest ProStructure's version

    In this tip, I'm going to show you how to make sure you have the latest available version of the software installed on your machine.

    1st, check which version is installed by selecting "About ProStructures" from the pull-down menu.

    You should be able to see the version and date of the currently installed ProStructures

    Now go to WWW.BENTLEY.COM and press on the SELECTservices link in the upper right…

  • Tip No.15: Using the "Drawing Border" command

    In this tip we will be looking at the "Insert Drawing Border" command.

    MicroStation                                                                                           AutoCAD



    This tool will allow the user to insert pre-selected drawing border into ModelSpace / PaperSpace (AutoCAD) or Model Mode / 2D Sheet Mode (MicroStation). 

    When selecting this tool with the bottons shown above, you will see the following dialog box appear.

    The current content (V8i) of this dialog box was created…

  • Tip No.14: Moment Connection Symbol in 2D

    In this tip we will be looking at the Moment Connection symbol. This symbol can be activated in the 2D plans only if the connection is an Endplate connection.

    It will place a triangle on the side of the connection as bellow. In this case there is a connection on each side of the beam. The beam is automatically changed to stick line representation.

    The size of the symbol (triangle) is controlled from the DetailStyle…

  • Tip No.13: Using the Anchor Bolts Tool (SELECTseries6)


    This tip covers the features, limitations and placement methods of the new anchor bolt, dowel, stud and embedded head bolt objects. The following is the list of anchor bolt types:

    • Hook Anchor
    • Bent Anchor
    • Plate Anchor
    • Headed Bolt
    • Hook Dowel
    • Bent Dowel
    • Round head stud
    • Hex head stud

    Location of tool:



    Organization of anchor bolts:
    Anchor bolts are divided into two ends…

  • Tip No.12: Additional Bracing Connections

    In this tip I will show you 5 bracing connections available in ProSteel. They are the following:

    1. Flange Brace Connection
    2. Web Brace Connection
    3. Hollow Shape Bracing
    4. Wrap Around Gusset Brace
    5. Brace Splice Connection

    They can be accessed from the ProSteel Task Bar (MicroStation only)


    or from the ConnectionCenter (AutoCAD / MicroStation)



    1) Flange Brace Connection

    Feature description:

    This tool…

  • Tip No.11: Bracing symbol (vertical brace) in plan views

    In this tip we will be looking at the bracing symbol that can be displayed in the layout of 2D plans using some specific rules. The symbol is controlled with its respective “parametric line” in the 3D model. The symbol can be activated in the 2D plans only if the bracing was placed in the 3D model using the Dynamic Brace command.

    The Bracing 2D symbol can have two different looks. A simple parallel line (as…

  • Tip No.10: Installing and using the ProSteelTools add-on (AutoCAD version only)

    This add-on tool is only available for the AutoCAD version of ProSteel for now.

    Hopefully next year we will have them also available for the MicroStation version.


    1) Installation


    First you need to download the zip file that contains the tools. It is located here:

    For SELECTseries 6 :  ProSteelTools SelectSeries 6 for Autocad Version 12.11.2013
    For SELECTseries 5:   ProSteelTools SelectSeries 5 for Autocad Version…

  • Tip No.9: Using the ProStructure Snaps on Ss6 (MicroStation release only)

    This tip only applies to the MicroStation version of ProStructures SELECTseries 6 (not release yet)

    With ProStructures SELECTseries 6 for MicroStation, you will notice a new page available in the Global Settings called "Snaps".

    In this page you have the option to enable what is called the "ProStructure snaps" or the "ProStructure legacy snaps" and to enable the "ProStructure tooltip" as well.…

  • Tip No.8: Generating a Workframe around and existing structure

    In this tip, I will show you how to get ProStructures to automatically recognise the steel elements (Beams & Columns) in a model in order to build the corresponding Workframe.

    This could be used for example on a structure built in STAAD, imported into ProStructures using ISM to which we now want to add the Workframe.

    First, be aware that any structure imported from STAAD will have all members inserted from their middle…

  • Tip No.7: Automatically use bolting line on Endplate connection.

    When using the Endplate connection,


    if one of the steel elements is being connected to its flange (like the column in the example below).


    it is possible to have the bolt line values (defined in the shape's database) used automatically to place the bolts.

    Simply enter the letter "w" in the "Middle" field of horizontal distribution and ProSteel will automatically read the value from the database…

  • Tip No.6: T.O.S. Elevation difference for elements in plan views

    When generating general layouts, one can have ProSteel automatically give us the elevation difference between the default elevation of the plan view and any elements that are above or below it. Here we will look at the settings needed for this to work.

    It is important to understand that the calculation is made in reference to the elevation of the workframe view (magenta rectangle) used for that particular plan view.

  • Tip No.5 - Upcoming changes in ProStructures SELECTseries6's Installation.

    In order to have you ready for the release of SELECTseries 6 of ProStructures here are a few things to be aware about:

    1) Configuration file:

    Under MicroStation version of ProStructures, the original cfg file (pro_st3d.cfg) which was under the "..\Prg\Config\" folder has been replace by a more "powerfull" configuration file. This file is now called "product.cfg" and is located in the "…

  • Tip No.4 - Transfering ProStructures models from DGN format to DWG (and vice versa).

    If you need to open a ProStructures file created with MicroStation platform with ProStructures running on the AutoCAD platform, you need to convert the file.

    The opposite also applies (AutoCAD to MicroStation). Even if MicroStation can open DWG files, these would not contain the intelligent data.


    Lets pretend we want to go from MicroStation to AutoCAD's version of ProStrcutures.

    1) Open original file in ProStructures…

  • Tip No.3 - EEDs decimal variables in Imperial environment.

    When using EEDs (covered in the ProSteel Advanced Training) we use to have only 4 types of variables (FIELDTYPE) available.

    1) Char: Character string entry. Freely input any data.

    2) List: Character string. Selected from a predefined pull-down

    3) Int: Integer numbers only

    4) Double: Decimal number, with options for number of decimals.

    This 4th option was an issue when used in imperial environment drawings, where the…

  • Tip No.2 - Updating shape names (i.e. W360x32.9 to W14x22)

    When placing steel members with ProStructures/ProSteel, you have to specify if the shape description (name) is going to be Imperial (W14x22) or Metric (W360x32.9) in the Shape Catalog dialog box (Automatic uses the systems' units).

    This is simply telling ProSteel which column from the database's table to use. This is a column of entries inside the table that has been assign specifically for this in the North American…

  • Tip No.1 - ProStructures Installation

    When installing ProStructures a few things have to be taken into consideration. In this particular tip I'm going to explain what should be the proper installation in North-America when installing the software. This means having a few extra files installed on your system. Templates, Styles (Detail, Bolts, Flags, etc) and some files that customize the software in order to properly (or should I say "better") work in Imperial…