Tip No.16: Getting latest ProStructure's version

In this tip, I'm going to show you how to make sure you have the latest available version of the software installed on your machine.

1st, check which version is installed by selecting "About ProStructures" from the pull-down menu.

You should be able to see the version and date of the currently installed ProStructures

Now go to WWW.BENTLEY.COM and press on the SELECTservices link in the upper right area.

From here press on Downloads followed by the Software Downloads link

If you are not logged in yet, you will be prompted to log in now.

Then you will be able to search for any product. For the time being lets use the previous method of searching for products by selecting "Web Downloads"

The reason we want to use the "old" method is that the newly implemented search tool is not implemented fully with the ProStructures products and will give you a hard time to find what you are looking for. Once this method is fully operational with ProStructures I will update this blog with the way to use this new method.

From this search page, make sure your selections are as follows in order to find the latest FULL installer, then press Search.

From the results (as of today) this is what you get. We will only concentrate on SELECTseries 6 which is the 08.11.11.xx versions

As we can see, the current installers are:

  • for PowerProStructures - December 4th 2013
  • for ProStructures (MS) - November 20th 2013
  • for ProStructures (ACAD) - October 24th 2013

How come on my About ProStructures I get something newer? That is simply becasue it is not a full installer, it is a patch.

So now to search for latest patchs, we simply press on the upper area where it reads "Enhancements and Updates"

Now we see the 2 patches currently available. One for the MicroStation version and one for the AutoCAD version. Notice the dates here are not exactely as the dates listed in my About ProStructures screen capture at the very beginning of this tip. The reason for this is that the dates on the About ProStructures are the dates of the creation of the patch vs the dates here on the search tool being the dates the patch was actually made available.

By clicking on the undelined name of the product you will have a description of the product. If you want to download the procduct simply checkmark it (to the left side of the name) and then click on "Continue" at the very bottom of the page.

Now select "Download" and press "Continue"

Read the Terms of Use and then press "Accept" at the bottom of the page.

Now select the files to download individually (to the right side) or select the Advanced Manager