• Variables you should know about

    hey folks,

    Just wanted to put some information out there about a few variables. This is not a complete list, it's just a few that I found and thought I would share.

    In the newly released MicroStation CONNECT Edition there are a few variables that are no longer used and some that have been replaced.

    _USTN_SITE has been replaced with _USTN_ORGANIZATION - anything using the old variable will need to be redefined using…

  • Knowing your definition files

    Do you have definition files (*.def) that you have modified?

    If so, you will need to modify it if you plan on using it in the CONNECT Edition of MicroStation.

    The CONNECT Edition of MicroStation has changed the formatting a bit. They have changed it so that when the definition file is used, it will only show the corresponding definitions based on the units of the active file. So for example, if you were in a metric…

  • Migrating to MicroStation CONNECT Edition

    Considering Migrating to MicroStation CONNECT Edition?

    There is a lot to consider. MicroStation CONNECT Edition is a little different than any previous version of MicroStation. There is a lot more functionality for the CAD Manager to take advantage of in this new version.

    Because the earlier versions contained limitations that could not be avoided, Bentley decided that this had to be changed. They spent a lot of time on this…

  • Some changes to MicroStation and it's configurations

    I have created a PDF discussing some changes that have been made to MicroStation.

    Below is a link to the file:


  • The CONNECT Configuration

    Here's a little post to add some clarity. I have had several colleagues mention that they would better understand CONNECTs workings if they had a flowchart. This is what I came up with - enjoy:

  • More for the levelly challenged

    I just want to get a little more info out there on how the effect of certain settings of your references can effect what you see. Some of the wording or descriptions may not be clear as to what will happen when these settings are used.

    What I am getting to is the Reference Attachments Settings dialog:

    In particular the "display overrides" option.

    The KEY word here is DISPLAY and not overrides - as "overrides…

  • It aint the same old origin

    You open you're files in V8i and now notice that the global origin seems to have changed.

    First off - why are you checking the global origin ? My guess is something else is going on and you are checking this as a result.

    There are very limited reasons for changing the location of the global origin. None of which relate to the OLDWAY of moving this based off of the "working coordinates" needed for a project. …

  • I am the very model of a modern MicroStation manager

    I have set up my managed workspace for civil , structural and architectural

    I know all the Bentleys and quote the file format historical

    From IGDS to V8 in order categorical

    I'm very well acquainted , too, with matters histerical

    I understand situations both simple and illogical

    about setting up projects on your server I have a lot of news

    with many cheerful facts on the setup they are about to use

    with many…

  • Answers for the Levelly Challenged


    Answers for the Levelly Challenged


    Trying to put this in laymen's terms is going to be a challenge in itself. So here we go. When using a DGNLIB file to control your levels you have to consider the amount you want this file to control.


    First there are the level names themselves - using a DGNLIB file will give your users a pick list to choose from when drawing an element. They will have a level…

  • Upgrading to the MicroStation V8 Format


    Considering Updating to the New MicroStation Format?

    There is a lot to consider. MicroStation V8 is very different than any previous version of MicroStation. It is the first time the format has been changed. Previously there had been modifications to the software, but the format had never before been changed so that it would not work with previous versions of the software.

    Because the earlier versions contained…

  • Migrating Customizations to MicroStation V8 XM Edition


    Migrating Customizations to MicroStation V8 XM Edition.


    You have existing customization that you need to bring over from a previous version of MicroStation. Bentley is now moving towards task-based designs. If you have previously used Settings Manager, then you have taken steps towards guiding your users through a series of menu items to help in the finished design process. Settings Manager controlled…

  • Survey Feet vs. International Feet


    Working units and resolution


    Anyone reading this article should realize that a survey foot does not equal an international foot. Laugh if you want but there are many users out there that have this difficulty. Just to clarify things, One International foot equals 0.999998 U.S. Survey feet. OR One U.S. Survey foot equals 1.000002 International feet. It might not seem like much, but over a distance of miles this adds…