Knowing your definition files

Do you have definition files (*.def) that you have modified?

If so, you will need to modify it if you plan on using it in the CONNECT Edition of MicroStation.

The CONNECT Edition of MicroStation has changed the formatting a bit. They have changed it so that when the definition file is used, it will only show the corresponding definitions based on the units of the active file. So for example, if you were in a metric file, you would only see a list of the metric definitions. If you want all the definitions to be available all the time, you will need to change the settings in the files.

If your old definition file is used in the CONNECT Edition, your definitions will not be shown.

There are quite a few different scenarios that will pop up based on this new functionality, but ultimately what will need to be done, is that the definition files will need to be modified. One example might be that you are in a metric file, but need to use English sheet sizes or print to English sheet sizes. If this is the case then you would not see these sheet sizes and would need to edit the definition files to allow this.

If you open your existing file and compare it to what is now delivered in the CONNECT Edition of MicroStation you will see the differences - it is pretty straight forward.