Variables you should know about

hey folks,

Just wanted to put some information out there about a few variables. This is not a complete list, it's just a few that I found and thought I would share.

In the newly released MicroStation CONNECT Edition there are a few variables that are no longer used and some that have been replaced.

_USTN_SITE has been replaced with _USTN_ORGANIZATION - anything using the old variable will need to be redefined using the _USTN_ORGANIZATION variable.

_USTN_WORKSPACEROOT which pointed to the top of your directory structure (container for your custom setup) is no longer used in this manner. It has been "repurposed" to point to the directory structure for a particular workspace (you can have more than one workspace). A similar configuration that could replace this is _USTN_CONFIGURATION, but with the changes made in CONNECT Edition this may not be needed.

_USTN_USERINTROOT - This variable and any others referring to the interface have been removed and will no longer work if defined.

_USTN_PROJECTSROOT - This variable and any others referring to projects have been removed and will no longer work. Anything using these will need to be redefined. I would look into the new directory structure and determine where the old variables will fit into the new Configuration of CONNECT Edition.

_USTN_USER - Changes have been made with this variable and it is strictly USER (who is logged on to the machine). So any setup using this variable for any other means will now need to be changed. IE: Some companies used this to differentiate between clients using this variable. With changes made in the CONNECT Edition this workflow will need to be reworked using the new configuration in CONNECT. In the example mentioned, the "workspaces" could be used in this case for a list of clients, and then "worksets" could be the projects for these clients.

Along with the variables, the command line switches for these no longer work as well (-WI, -WP, and -WU) and remember -WR is no longer _USTN_WORKSPACEROOT path, it is now _USTN_CONFIGURATION path.

Translated German Wiki article:

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