• Dynamic Projects with Managed Workspaces

    Dynamic Projects is a great way to manage all your MicroStation Projects using Managed Workspaces.   In pre V8 XM versions Administrators had to create a Project CSB for each Project in the datasource.  Having many CSB's can be difficult to manage.   ProjectWise V8 XM Edition introduced the concept of Dynamic Projects.  Two new macros were added, DMS_PROJECT and DMS_PARENTPROJECT, which can be used to define paths for MicroStation…

    • Wed, Nov 18 2009
  • How a Managed Workspace Ends up in MicroStation

    Managed Workspaces is a new methodology for managing MicroStation workspaces in ProjectWise.   Users can create and maintain their complete workspace configuration, workspace resources and standards in ProjectWise.

    I've been certifying Managed Workspaces for a few years now and would like to share some technical information I have accumulated.  The first topic I would like to cover is how the Managed workspace is exported…

    • Wed, Feb 18 2009