• Batch Run Scenarios using WaterObjects.NET Tool

    Now, the missing feature from the main software is custom build using WaterObjects.NET which allows to batch run scenarios in HAMMER. This will save some time when you have to perform runs on multiple scenarios. After computation, the user notifications are displayed on tabs making it easier to understand/troubleshoot the particular scenario.
    • Fri, Feb 28 2014
  • Fix Crossing Links (Pipes) Interactively using WaterObjects.NET

    Fix (Split) Crossing Links interactively using WaterObjects.NET

    Fix Crossing Links main window

    WaterGEMS SS4
    WaterCAD SS4
    Building a model from external source like CAD or shapefile is piece of cake in H&H Products and there are quite a lot queries to review as well as good number of tools to fix the issues. There is one particular feature that I wanted for so many…
    • Mon, Sep 30 2013
  • Update Labels of a Hydraulic Model using WaterObjects.NET

    Update Labels of a Hydraulic Model using WaterObjects.NET

    Update Labels main window

    WaterProducts SS4
    StormSewer SS3
    PondPack SS1
    Need to combine two models together and planning to use Submodel import/export feature? Everything will work perfectly fine as long as labels are different and if they are not, things will get overwritten where labels are…
    • Thu, Jul 11 2013
  • Change Scale of a Hydraulic Model using WaterObjects.NET

    Change Scale of a Hydraulic Model using WaterObjects.NET

    Change Scale main window

    WaterGEMS SS3
    WaterGEMS SS4 08.11.04.xx
    Sewer Products SS3
    Different units have caused different problems and in hydraulic modeling, we sometime inadvertently build the model in a wrong unit and later realize the model is at the wrong location because of the units. It would have been…
    • Tue, Apr 30 2013
  • CSV to Shapefile - A WaterObjects.NET Tool

    CSV to Shapefile - A WaterObjects.NET Tool

    This tool takes a Comma Separated Values (CSV) as an input and based on the information selected, it creates a shapefile. This tool particularly comes in handy when one needs to run LoadBuilder and does not have any means to convert a spreadsheet type of data to a shapefile (as…

    • Tue, Feb 5 2013
  • Fix Duplicate Labels using WaterObjects.NET Tool

    Fix Duplicate Labels - A WaterObjects.NET Tool
    Download Fix Duplicate Labels (SewerGEMS
    Download Fix Duplicate Labels (WaterGEMS
    Every now and then, we end up with duplicate labels in our hydraulic network. There are certain situations where having duplicate labels really hurts, especially when a network needs to be exported out to EPANET…
    • Mon, Aug 6 2012
  • Summarize Scenario using WaterObjects.NET

    Scenario Summarizer - A WaterObjects.NET Tool
    Download Scenario Summarizer
    This tool creates a simple list of scenarios along with the corresponding alternatives and calculation options that are assigned to that scenario. The summarized table can be copied to clipboard and then pasted into other applications.

    The programming details covered herein are applicable to several…
    • Fri, Jun 22 2012
  • Powerful Unit Converter using WaterObjects.NET

    Unit Converter using WaterObjects.NET

    Download:    UnitConverter_Installer.zip (450 KB)
                            UnitConverter_Exe.zip (130 KB)


    Yet another unit converter! The main goal behind this tool is Usability. Secondly, its written to demo the use of WaterObjects.NET API. Note: Without having Haestad.Support.dll in your computer, this tool will not run!

    Installing Unit Converter

    Since the Unit Converter is depending on…

    • Thu, Mar 22 2012
  • Convert or Morph Nodes from One type to Another using WaterObjects.NET tool

    Node Converter or Morpher from One type to Another

    Download: NodeConverter.zip_08.11.03.17 | NodeConverter_08.11.02.31.exe


    Every now and then we run into a situation where we need to convert node from one type to another. This Node Convert tool created using the WaterObjects.NET will help to convert any type of node to any type of node for a WaterGEMS model.

    The tool is generalized for different…

    • Sat, Mar 3 2012
  • Change Links Direction in Batch using WaterObjects.NET

    Change Links Direction (Reverse) with Ease

    LinkReverser.zip(for SS2 of SewerGEMS)
    LinkReverser.zip(for SS3 of SewerGEMS, SewerCAD, CivilStorm, StormCAD)


    The LinkReverser tool will help to change the direction of Conduit, Pressure Pipes, and Gutters direction very easily. The tool is written for SewerGEMS however with a very small change it will support other products like, WaterGEMS, SewerCAD…

    • Thu, Feb 23 2012
  • Hydrograph-Loads to Manhole or Catch Basin using WaterObjects.NET Tool

    Importing Hydrograph-Loads to Manhole and Catch Basin

    Hydrograph-Load Importer (.zip)
    Source Data Format (.xls)


    The tool, Hydrograph Load importer, is developed with two aspects. First, to ease the input of hydrograph loads to the manhole and catch basins, and second, to demonstrate how a collection field can be manipulated using WaterObjects.NET.

    Importing hydrograph loads via the ModelBuilder…

    • Mon, Feb 20 2012
  • Convert Junctions to Hydrants

    Hello all,

    Here is a tool that can be used to convert Junctions to Hydrants. This tool works based on selected selection-set and converts (basically merges) all the junctions from the selection-set to Hydrants. As it uses "Morph" type of functionality all the connectivity is maintained as well as transferable data are carried over to hydrants from junctions. For example, Junction's elevation/demand will be transferred…

    • Wed, Jan 20 2010