• Function Key Cut-Out

    Been meaning to add this for a while. It's the base cut-out for your keyboard so you can list what you have on your function keys. I find this great for new users especially. Easy enough to customise for different keyboard styles.

  • MicroStation Connect – Control Workflows via Named Expressions

    With so many changes between V8i and Connect it’s been a lot of work to go through how we can have the same control over custom interfaces, especially when we want these customisations to be dynamic. One way in which we can create a dynamic Workflow is with the help of Named Expressions. If you’ve not used these before, then check out one of my earlier blogs:


  • Where Has All the Training Gone?

    It’s a subject that has fascinated me for most of my working life. Why are companies so against training staff to get the experience they are after? I don’t mean training in how to do the job, but why overlook a very good candidate purely because they don’t have experience in one program or another? A good candidate will have experience in a number of different packages and should be able to get up to speed in a short…