• Stinking Pile of Directories

    So, what does STD_APP have to do with anything?

    Well, while worrying about how to sort out everything else, I forgot one thing. Up until now I’ve been able to keep applications separated from each other, but with Workspace\Workset, most of the application files are stored at the Workset level and what became really apparent is that there’s no consistent approach across all of the products on how directories are installed…

    • Sat, Dec 4 2021
  • Stuck with It – WorkSpace and Workset

    I tried. I really did try.

    We had a win with MicroStation, No workspace and no workset. Only to have it taken away again by the developers of the other applications.

    The reality is Bentley developers have decided to change the way applications, and their configurations, run and load.

    In the past we’ve had the freedom to chop and change how we pleased. For some of us it’s meant a complete customization of the front…

    • Fri, Dec 3 2021
  • User Files – Wherefor Art Thou

    One of the first issues raised during the beta process was the changes to the location of user files. During beta and the initial release of Connect, user preference files were locked to be stored as part of the user windows location. This caused quite a stir:


    • Fri, Dec 3 2021
  • My CADmanage Journey V8i to Connect

    This next series of blogs have been more than a few years in the coming. Any of you who have been around Bentley products since the days of version 4 and 5 know just some of the frustration many of us have with Connect. Right or wrong, these are just my opinions and my journey to get me to where I am today. I hope that there are at least some lessons in here that can't be learnt by all parties. So, I hope you get at…

    • Fri, Dec 3 2021