Controlling SM and AECOsim Section Files

I have to admit it, I'm a bit fan of using the AutoRun vb when it comes to being able to control certain aspects of applications. One of those is a frustration I continue to have with Structural Modeller, now part of AECOsim, and the ability to lock what xml section files are available to users.

While this little addition doesn't stop users from selecting another xml file, it does mean that they have to do it each and every time they open a file which, in my experience, will eventually wear them down.

By adding the lines:

CadInputQueue.SendCommand "tfsecmgr unload"
CadInputQueue.SendCommand "tfsecmgr load onesteel.xml"
CadInputQueue.SendCommand "tfsecmgr load bondek.xml"

to both 'OnDesignFileOpened' and 'OnDesignFileClosed' I've made sure that onesteel.xml and bondek.xml are the only 2 files a user will see when they start modelling and that any file they have previously attached has been removed and replaced with the files I need to be used.

You can have this as a company standard and then update as a project standard as required.

More soon.