Tech Tip - Reset Styles

It's a pet hate of mine. Users who think they can change fonts, colours etc to what ever they like in text and dimension styles. Well, if you're like me you have a standard set of styles that should be adhered to. If that's the case then there is another nice little addition to the autorun vb that you can use:

CadInputQueue.SendCommand "dgnlib update textstyles"
CadInputQueue.SendCommand "dgnlib update dimstyles"

This will change any style back to the dgnlib settings and undo what ever the fiddlers have been playing with. Set to run on open and close and they'll eventually get sick of things changing and use the standard.

More soon.

  • Good tip but test it first (especially on existing data)!

    One case where this would cause wailing and gnashing of teeth from the users:

    You have text styles all set justified top left, users have leeway to change the justification to suit the drawing, a typical approach adopted to keep the number of styles down. Reset to library would reset all justification to top left.

    A way to deal with this and benefit from this tip would be to apply justification or other modifications using Element Templates driven by custom tools in which case I think the ET would still apply the chosen justifucation. But that's another story...and it needs to be tested.