The Build - Part 3 - All Aboard the cfg Ride - Site cfg's

Just a little addition to the cfg article yesterday.

One for the options we looked at in our file:


were the lines for including out 'site' cfg files:

%if exists ($(SITE_STDS))
%include $(SITE_STDS)*.cfg

This area is set aside for each 'site' or office to use for including such things as printer name lists (used by standard apps), office discipline apps (not part of the global or company delivered apps) and more. To make it easier to both develop and bug fix, it's not a bad idea to use the same file structure in the 'site' cfg's as with the 'standard cfg's. All I do here is change the prefix from 'STD' to 'site'.

See Figure 4 on:

The include for 'site' cfg's are before those of the client and project cfg's so we have them load first and can then append or overwrite at the client or project levels.

More soon.