• Screen Menus - AutoCAD Color Table

    For those who use the AutoCAD color table I have created a screen menu color picker.

    This menu also includes Grey Scale settings (via RGB values) in the lower right.  I use these for "screening".

    Command to activate this file would be.

    screenmenu openpopup AC_ColorTBL.dgnlib,AC_Table,A-C

  • Screen Menus

    Some things in MicroStation Connect have become cumbersome to get at.  After some frustration I decide to create a screen menu system to get at things in need faster.

    The menu is invoked using a the space bar and is design for left handed input.  Currently Its mainly for file operations as time permits I hope to expand this to other areas.

    Here is the Menu  place this in the appropriate path.


  • MicroStation Startup - configuration file map.

    This is a flow chart I create to help me understand the MicroStation Startup/Configuration process. Hopefull the chart will appear with the Blog.

    2015/10/31  Added Connect Version


  • Element Thickness Attribute

    After encountering problems with unpredictable behavior using the element thickness attribute I logged an ST with BSI. I was told these aren't real 3D surfaces and I'm not using them in a manor they were designed to be used. I was unable to get any further information about this attribute or its intended use so I have written the following documentation on this attribute for my own use and though I would share it…

  • Pen Widths

    This is a brief summary of about the Pen Widths I use for plotting. The widths are based on the Rapidograph Technical drafting pens. These also match the later ISO standard for pen widths which start at 0.25 mm . The popular HP7585 pen plotter typically used pen sizes 0.25, 0.35, 0.5 and 0.7

    Note that line width increases are not linear but use a geometric progression with common ratio of the square root of 2…