MVBA application to generate (rectangular or geographic) coordinates reports from Cells, Text and Text Nodes elements

This is a second version of a MVBA application to generate rectangular or geographic coordinates reports from elements like Cells, Text and Text Nodes.
to run this tool, extract the .zip contents to your computer;

Updated on Monday, 29th July, 2013: Interface updates.

Updated on Friday, 10th, October, 2014: Including the Cell, Text and TextNode report on elements.

Updated on Monday, 14th, December, 2014: New version released allowing exporting the coordinates in Latitude/Longitude values if the file has a Geographic Coordinate System assigned.

Updated on Monday, 23rd, January, 2017: Source code released.

Updated on Tuesday, 08th, May, 2018: Fixed a problem in the comdlg32.dll F(Windows FileSaveDialog function)

Updated on Wednesday, 23rd, May, 2018: minor issues fixed.

Steps to Run Using MicroStation/Bentley Map: Utilities -> Macros -> Project Manager, click on Load Project and open the project TextCellXYZReportTool_v2.mvba, run the macro: CellTextReport.RunTextCellReportTool;

If a Geographic Coordinate System is assigned to the current active model, you can choose between the following options below to generate the Latitude/Longitude values:

  • -DD°MM';
  • DD°MM'"" N/S E/W;
  • N/S E/W DD°MM';
  • -DD.DDDD°;
  • -DDºMM;

Text and Text Node element will be delimited by quotation marks.

Use the Open With option from Windows Explorer if you want to use Microsfot Excel to open the report.

Note: This macro are supplied as is. This application do not come with support. Bentley Systems Inc., and the author of this programs assume no liability for damages direct, indirect, or consequential, which may result from the use of this programs. Use this application at your own risk.