VBA tool to place Latitude/Longitude labels using MicroStation V8i SS3/CONNECT Edition/Bentley Map V8i SS3/SS4 (version 2)

There's an equivalent MicroStation V8i/CONNECT Edition C# addin, for this VBA tool: https://communities.bentley.com/other/old_site_member_blogs/peer_blogs/b/elivagner-barros-blog/posts/microstation-c-add-in-to-place-latitude-longitude-labels

This VBA application (version 02) was developed to generate text labels containing latitude/longitude values based on the current geographic coordinate system and was based on the key-in: label reference from MicroStation Geographics and Bentley Map V8 XM

This tool uses the currently active text settings: font, height, width, justification. However, you can use the standard MicroStation Text options or use the Options dialog from this tool to change basic text settings.

Use the extended settings to change text offset options (in working units)

Use the options dialog to change basic text settings or use the button  to match text settings (font, height and width) from any text and textNode elements.

Another version (3) has been released only for MicroStation CONNECT Edition with minor fixes on GUI.

Updated on: September, 22st, 2014.

Updated on: December, 03rd, 2014: Included a new separator option 'NL' (New Line) in order to generate annotations using two lines, creating a TextNode element.

Updated on: December, 11th, 2014: New version that dynamically updates the coordinates as the cursor moves.

Updated on: December, 19th, 2017: New version without references to the Microsoft Excel 14.0 Object Library

Updated on: December, 19th, 2017: New zip file with a specific version for MicroStation CONNECT Edition

Updated on May, 17th, 2018: Fixed a bug to round seconds

Updated on May, 23rd, 2018: minor issues fixed.

Updated on June, 06th, 2018: Added the functionality to retrieve the Text Node Styles and attributes.

Note: This macro is supplied as is. This application do not come with support. Bentley Systems Inc., and the author of this program assume no liability for damages direct, indirect, or consequential, which may result from the use of these programs. Use this application at your own risk.

Geographic Annotation tool.zip