• The Future of CAD is Spelled PAD!

    Time is running fast, or so we imagine. Instead it is space that is changing as always. Because if the Universe stood completely still time will cease to move also and everything would also be dead. Physics or metaphysics? But as living architects, engineers, creators and entrepreneurs we need to look into the Future and to foresee what is coming. What is the future of CAD?

    CAD, or Computer Aided Design has been around…

    • Mon, Sep 12 2011
  • CAD People - Do They Really Exist?


    The band above tries to make it work for them in media. The film “Cat People” on the other hand explores the notion that we are, after all, fairly primitive and that beneath a thin surface of civilization we are nothing but crude animals – at least some of us. Below the soundtrack - watch it on Youtube - it's so nice you have to click twice!


    • Thu, Mar 24 2011
  • Do not forget to visit the Loord!

    Yes folks, I will write stuff here now and then - but do visit my other blogs too!


    http://loorddesign.wordpress.com and also http://key2insight.wordpress.com



    Will be back soon




    • Thu, Mar 24 2011
  • The Unix, the Mac or the Android? or "Up "beep" creek with only a Pad"

    I received very good comments on the Mac post before - thanks!

    There is of course interesting to follow if there will be readers for smartphones analogue to the AutoCAD WS for iPhone. Will there be readers for the other platforms too? Windows Phone and Android....

    But now there is perhaps another item hotter for a CAD reader - the PAD! Note that there are not only iPads out there - almost every brand is trying…

    • Mon, Jan 24 2011
  • There are also other places to find a Loord!

    As time sometimes fly faster than you think there sometimes is not time to go here as often as I want.

    I also hang in other places: Loord Design's webpage is one of them where I have facts on Loord Design.

    There is also a Loord Design blog on Wordpress.com where posts are written sometimes in English and sometimes in Swedish(try to learn).

    As I also, apart from architecture, teaching and CAD, am into journalism…

    • Mon, Jan 24 2011
  • Finally AutoCAD for Mac! What will Bentley do?

    We have been waiting, waiting and then waiting some more. For soon twenty years we have been expecting that Autodesk will finally see that architects and designers love to use well designed tools too. We do not want to be restricted to the regular ugly black or silvery grey box that PCs (desktops or laptops) usually are contained in. Just putting a color or a fancy design on the laptop lid does not do the trick - when…

    • Sun, Oct 17 2010
  • Experimenting to see....

    As life goes on we all have to face all the tunes that comes our way - We can choose to get frustrated when things do not turn out as we expected or learn from the experience.

    This also is the case for projects, training and CAD - and for BE Blogs.

    I am now trying real hard to figure out the best way to run a blog here . and humbly must say "Still learning".

    One day soon I will get the hang of it - or face…

    • Tue, Sep 21 2010
  • Another Look another Reality?

    The BE sure looks different now and time to figure out how it actually works now after summer vacations....

    Even Roxatte back when had a view on Looks....



    • Thu, Aug 5 2010
  • What does it take to run MicroStation?

    Now and again people ask "What kind of computer hardware and system do I need to run XM or V8i?". Being knowledgeable I know that I can find that information, after istalling the software, in the ReadMe. But if you want to know beforehand in order to calculate the  total of you investment in MicroStation including possible costs for updating your machines- what to do? The obvious answer would of course be …

    • Thu, Apr 22 2010
  • Name the Next MicroStation!

     The issue of Naming is a toughie.....

    Taken from the article linked above "Keep in mind the following rule of thumb about the name of the software: it has to be easy to understand, easy to pronounce, and easy to remember; it must be short and dynamic; must be usable for a number of years and must be legal. "

    What name then shall we choose for the next MicroStation? The 2004 was related to a year…

    • Tue, Apr 13 2010
  • Version, Version on the Wall Which is the Fairest of them All?

    I find that clients in Sweden have at least three different versions of MicroStation at their offices - 2004 Edition, XM and some V8i. Apart from the obvious reason to update to the latest version available (getting all the new and possibly improved tools) and likewise obvious reasons to keep older versions(other applications linked to a version, fear of new things and a low training budget) are there yet other reasons…

    • Tue, Apr 13 2010
  • Time to Be Born Again - Engineering 3.0?

    Hi Friends,

    If you scan the web there is a lot said about the recession, management and leadership right now. Seems like we want to go somewhere but do not now exactly where. So we do nothing. Read one article compairing Management the traditional was to dinosaurs bound to be extinct and that Leadership will follow.

    But are we not past that point already? In the new Internet Era with Facebook, MySpace, Twitter…

    • Fri, Apr 2 2010
  • Punk Architecture by Mies van der Rohe

    I think we all need some new way to learn about our Architectural heritage. Today I suggest "punkitecture".
    Goethe allegedly said that "architecture is frozen music". Today I can reveal that Modernism is Frozen Punk!.

    And punkiest of them all is Mies van der Rohe..... :-)


    • Sun, Mar 7 2010
  • How many blogs would a weblog blog if a weblog could blog blogs?

    Hi all Bloggers!

    We are about 367 bloggers in BE Communites right now so if we only post 1 post a year each we could with a little planning have the pleasure of reading a new blog post every day! Of the bloggers 105 i run by Bentley employees, 71 are Group blogs and 191 are peer blogs. But we do not all post only 1 post a year of course. Some of us has only posted once - ever, but some find blogging a perfect way…

    • Sun, Feb 21 2010
  • Coaching, Communication and CAD - the connection

    Hi again folks,

    As some might have seen I am now also into coaching and mentorship and run the business The Key2Insight for this. A coaching approach is also benificial to all client relation businesses including CAD education, engineering, journalism or any entreprise for that matter. A coach will not tell you what to do but assist you in the process of finding that out for yourself. A mentor, on the other hand…

    • Fri, Jan 29 2010
  • Xmas Coaching - Have we remembered to wish ourselves a Happy New Year?

    We all work really hard to satisfy our bosses, colleagues, clients and whoever come our way and that is all well but....

    Let all chores go for 20 minutes during the weekend and say the following to yourself:

    "I wish myself a Happy New Year filled with happiness and joy!
    I know I  can be measured in what I DO but most important is who I AM.
    I wish for 2010 that I recognize my true value as a person and…

    • Thu, Dec 24 2009
  • Building Sustainable Communities - Exhibition now in Stockholm

    Hi folks,

    Even the Architectural Museum in Stockholm has now got wind of Green Thinking!

    Yesterday, on the 3rd of November a new exhibition on Danish architecture opened there. An exhibition that has been in a number of places: Copenhagen, Abu-Dabi and Berlin. It will also go to Shanghai and Athens...Among the 29 offfices participating Henning Larsen can be mentioned with their MASSAR CHILDREN'S DISCOVERY CENTRE…

    • Wed, Nov 4 2009
  • Thanks for bringing hope to Bloggers Phil!

    Phil Chouinard - being the competent guy you are surely made my spirits rise when commenting my last post on Live Writer not really being able to talk "BEish" or perhaps the other way around. Anyway - the advent of "BE 2.0" is for that reason only well worth waiting for. It makes you think even more - what other smart gadgets can we add to increase the value for us BEers? Suggestions in comments here?...Love to see you…
    • Fri, Aug 14 2009
  • Failing Miserably with LiveWriter for BE Blog

    Yes all friends here I have to admit that Live Writer is not in the cards for us when BE blogging . LiveWriter is not something that is supported in the Community Server that BE Blogs run on unfortunately. The writer is built into the software sp here we are. Too bad - it would have been so COOL to use only one software for several blogs!

    Maybe Teligent(the provider to Communioty Server?) has a solution for us BE…

    • Wed, Jul 15 2009
  • Using LiveWriter for Your BE Blog!

    Yes my friends I do suggest that you can enter blog post in your BE blog outside BE Communities.....

    Why on earth do I want to blog outside BE? There are a couple of reasons for this. First, sometimes you are on the go perhaps using only an UMPC or an e-phone but you still want to get a message out there. quickly without the hassle of the login procedure. Second the interface of the BE blog is not always so flexible…

    • Mon, Jul 6 2009
  • Vee Ay Thai and the splendour of Colours in da House!

    V8i (yes it was a joke calling it Vee Ay Thai) has added the thing we have long wished for in regards to colour - NCS! The Natural Colours System that this year has been around for thirty years has finally found its way into MicroStation. Great stuff of course and the Autoc-adders and the Archic-adders still have to use added software for that! So hoorah for Bentley! For you guys that still have not realized the magnitude…

    • Tue, Jun 2 2009
  • Working Environment part 3 - Facebook and Free Time

    Hi again and as always brilliant comments from you Jeffrey..."Is that a Stratocaster I see before me?"

    I recycled som here now "....doing Facebook, MySpace, and Twitter, all multiple times per day, all complete with photos throughout the ... I sometimes wonder why they do it, too. and then I realize they are merely catering to the curiousity of anyone so concerned ...".
    "... we manage to keep…

    • Wed, Apr 22 2009
  • Our lives and Project Environment part2

    I received a wonderful comment on my last input with great stuff in it too....just see this fragment:

     "No, all this new tech isn't instrinsically bad...... Isn't it up to us to find a middle gound?..."

    As we are experiecing a "24-hours Society" as the scientists have named it with totall availability and no difference between work and play we have constructed a world in which we can see symptoms…

    • Mon, Mar 23 2009
  • Modern Technology but still the same People! Project environment part 1



    Today we  have the latest CAD technology and we run like flashes with our PDAs, our Smartphones, our UMPCs and stuff saying that mobility is the thing. We sit in flexible office landscapes and we are available 24/7.
    But hey! Stop! There is something wrong with this picture.....

    You guessed it - what ever happened to us? There are a few signs telling us that we might need a new picture.


    • Mon, Mar 9 2009
  • The Two -Way street of Fonts...interoperability part 4

    Yes, Yes and Yes!

    I totally agree with you guys Steve an Jeffrey in several ways. First I would like to cheer you Steve for your creative suggestion of the TTF variable in order to make sure that no weird fonts are used.but only ones not creating problems. Locking the variables is of course a way to really make sure.

    Jeffrey you are sure not very sentimental about leaving the old behind and I congratulate you…

    • Sun, Jan 18 2009