• Our lives and Project Environment part2

    I received a wonderful comment on my last input with great stuff in it too....just see this fragment:

     "No, all this new tech isn't instrinsically bad...... Isn't it up to us to find a middle gound?..."

    As we are experiecing a "24-hours Society" as the scientists have named it with totall availability and no difference between work and play we have constructed a world in which we can see symptoms…

    • Mon, Mar 23 2009
  • Modern Technology but still the same People! Project environment part 1



    Today we  have the latest CAD technology and we run like flashes with our PDAs, our Smartphones, our UMPCs and stuff saying that mobility is the thing. We sit in flexible office landscapes and we are available 24/7.
    But hey! Stop! There is something wrong with this picture.....

    You guessed it - what ever happened to us? There are a few signs telling us that we might need a new picture.


    • Mon, Mar 9 2009