• The Unix, the Mac or the Android? or "Up "beep" creek with only a Pad"

    I received very good comments on the Mac post before - thanks!

    There is of course interesting to follow if there will be readers for smartphones analogue to the AutoCAD WS for iPhone. Will there be readers for the other platforms too? Windows Phone and Android....

    But now there is perhaps another item hotter for a CAD reader - the PAD! Note that there are not only iPads out there - almost every brand is trying…

    • Mon, Jan 24 2011
  • There are also other places to find a Loord!

    As time sometimes fly faster than you think there sometimes is not time to go here as often as I want.

    I also hang in other places: Loord Design's webpage is one of them where I have facts on Loord Design.

    There is also a Loord Design blog on Wordpress.com where posts are written sometimes in English and sometimes in Swedish(try to learn).

    As I also, apart from architecture, teaching and CAD, am into journalism…

    • Mon, Jan 24 2011