As life goes on we all have to face all the tunes that comes our way - We can choose to get frustrated when things do not turn out as we expected or learn from the experience.

This also is the case for projects, training and CAD - and for BE Blogs.

I am now trying real hard to figure out the best way to run a blog here . and humbly must say "Still learning".

One day soon I will get the hang of it - or face that I messed up and go for help!

Only really stupid men think it is unmanly to ask for help - as far back as the Stone Age and even further back men always hunted in teams.

Why are Ice Hockey, Baseball and Basket ball popular among men - TEAMS!

I forgot to mention Football for a reason.. In Sweden we call the sport the Americans might like to call "soccer" FOOTBALL! AS the players use any part of their bodies except for their hands for most of the time. As an exception there is an occasional throw to start from the sideline. In the sport  Americans call FOOTBALL the players use their hands most of the time. As an exception there is an occasional kick by a designated player only there for that task.
A room equipped with a stove and an oven you might like to call a kitchen even if there is also a sofa there that you on occasion let someone stay the night on. The main purpose is to be a kitchen.
So Europeans do have a hard time dealing with the term football. In Sweden we call it "American Football"

But those two sports are also perfect examples of teams working together helping each other.

It is said on Swedes vs Finns that "when a Swede gets into trouble he goes to the Prime Minister and tell him "you gotta do something about this" - the Finn on the other hand hangs himself manly in the attic."

I will be so Swede.....