How many blogs would a weblog blog if a weblog could blog blogs?

Hi all Bloggers!

We are about 367 bloggers in BE Communites right now so if we only post 1 post a year each we could with a little planning have the pleasure of reading a new blog post every day! Of the bloggers 105 i run by Bentley employees, 71 are Group blogs and 191 are peer blogs. But we do not all post only 1 post a year of course. Some of us has only posted once - ever, but some find blogging a perfect way to communicate interesting things on Bentley software. Some even dare to step outside the software box and blog on other things. 8 of the 191 peer bloggers have reached the magic number of 10 post or more since the start. Only about 12 of the 71 group blogs have reached "the 10". Of the Bentley employees, 20 blogs have achieved the magic number. This means that only 40 bloggers of us 367 bloggers use the BE Blog on a more regular basis - only 11%. If we take a look at "the 10" for every blog type separately the percentage is 17% for group blogs, 19% for Bentley employees but only 4% for peer blogs.

I interpret these numbers as low. I also see them telling me that Bentley employees not surprisingly are more frequent bloggers than the rest of us.

How can we get more active? Thinking honestly about myself I do not read as many other posts as I should/would like and I comment almost none of them. This is far from perfect. Maybe this is due to the fact that I find it hard to actually navigate to find hot blog spots. :-)

 Another thing might be that bloggers that blog usually blog in several places (I myself blog in 3 places plus Tweet). BE Communities blog system has yet failed to be integrated into systems like ScribeFire, LiveWriter and other blogging tools many of us use to run our blogs. To integrate BE blogs with those would be an improvement and I am told that something might turn up here - I still hope!

So ease to find blogs, ease to blog and to customize our blogs would lead to more active blogging!

Do not hesitate to  disagree or to say YES, YES!, Yes!