The Future of CAD is Spelled PAD!

Time is running fast, or so we imagine. Instead it is space that is changing as always. Because if the Universe stood completely still time will cease to move also and everything would also be dead. Physics or metaphysics? But as living architects, engineers, creators and entrepreneurs we need to look into the Future and to foresee what is coming. What is the future of CAD?

CAD, or Computer Aided Design has been around for a while now. We have learned to draw lines and squares and perhaps even objects in 3D on our desktops or our laptops.
But we are still stuck behind the desks - but in other disciplines this has already changed! Sales people, journalists and others can now be found working almost anywhere using Smartphones, Pads and keeping most of both operating systems, software and files in the Cloud instead of on their computers or on their local servers.