The Two -Way street of Fonts...interoperability part 4

Yes, Yes and Yes!

I totally agree with you guys Steve an Jeffrey in several ways. First I would like to cheer you Steve for your creative suggestion of the TTF variable in order to make sure that no weird fonts are used.but only ones not creating problems. Locking the variables is of course a way to really make sure.

Jeffrey you are sure not very sentimental about leaving the old behind and I congratulate you for that. I agree with you, growing up with german shepherds,  that teaching old dogs not to take a bite at your rug is a hard task.
And yes - a modern computer shouyld have no difficulty with TTFs.

And we both agree that for a project it is very good for every user to use the same fonts as they are created to fit into frames, fit onto lines etc and are designed to have all the characters needed in the project. A mix-up of fonts can lead to inconsistency, faults and additional work.

But as a result of this nice communication I interpret  two ways of actually accomplishing this:

1. one using hierachy, regulations and locks in order to get compliance. The whip if you will

2. one using consensus in meetings, agreements and the reward of a good project. The carrot perhaps?

But as always there is a synthesis available!

3. We can sit down and agree on what our projects should look like as far as fonts are concerned - and THEN we can make the necessary fixes to make sure!


Thanks again Steve and Jeffrey - you are true friends!