Hi Friends,

If you scan the web there is a lot said about the recession, management and leadership right now. Seems like we want to go somewhere but do not now exactly where. So we do nothing. Read one article compairing Management the traditional was to dinosaurs bound to be extinct and that Leadership will follow.

But are we not past that point already? In the new Internet Era with Facebook, MySpace, Twitter and of course Blogs such as this one - what is "leadership" ? I would guess that today change in most directions is not originated from the top of organisations or huge firms. Instead change happen anywhere, anytime and through individuals and coming from all over. 

So what does an engineering firm do now? Lie down and die? The Engineering 1.0 firms with hierarchy structure and bureaucracies are bound to fail. The slightly more modern 2.0 with leaders at least open to suggestions and a more flat organisation will perhaps survive - for a a while...

But what is Engineering 3.0? I have a few ideas on that......but I do not want to spoil your own imagination by being teacher 1.0 and just telling you. I trust you to invent yourselves!!!  

Let us have a lively discussion on what kind of MicroStation future we can create together!

Microstation hm.....?