V8i (yes it was a joke calling it Vee Ay Thai) has added the thing we have long wished for in regards to colour - NCS! The Natural Colours System that this year has been around for thirty years has finally found its way into MicroStation. Great stuff of course and the Autoc-adders and the Archic-adders still have to use added software for that! So hoorah for Bentley! For you guys that still have not realized the magnitude of this: The NCS system is meant to really get a grip on coulour definition making it possible for colour users everywhere to talk a common language making it possible to mix colours with precision to get the exact colour you need to paint with. It uses four basic colours: Blue, Yellow, Red and Green and adds Black and white too. Go to www.ncscolour.com and find out!

But as the intelligent observer sees there are a number of traps involved when using colours. If it looks great on your computer screen it might not on someone else's and if it looks good on screen it might not printed onto paper. Finally if it looks great on paper it might not look great painted on the wall! But that has nothing to do with just NCS of course but goes for any use of colour. We need to find out a way to make the experience on screen be as the one IRL painted on our walls! Anybody ready for that ?

In addition - today we see the designed world exploding with all kinds of colours. There are strong colours everywhere around us. Maybe we should ask ourselves when to use colours, where to use colours and what colours to use for what? I love colours, make no mistake, but as colours are so basic in our life we should know what we are dealing with and not just splash them all over the place. Visit www.colormatters.com just to get a quick glance on the world of colours. Or perhaps the Swedish Karl Ryberg at www.monocrom.se 

It is great to have a coat of many colours - and even greater to know what colours to use when creating it!