Now and again people ask "What kind of computer hardware and system do I need to run XM or V8i?". Being knowledgeable I know that I can find that information, after istalling the software, in the ReadMe. But if you want to know beforehand in order to calculate the  total of you investment in MicroStation including possible costs for updating your machines- what to do? The obvious answer would of course be "go to and search for the information there". So I did just that. Pretended that I had no knowledge on where to look and just plunged into the website. In the top hand corner there was a  "search" - BINGO! But then what should I write there to get the information?
I tried with "System requirements MicroStation" and got 2873 hits! None of those in the first page seem to cut the cake. I then tried "hardware requirements MicroStation V8i" and got  2862 hits - none of the ones in the first page was relevant - again..

So it seems to me that we are not making it too easy for new users to enter the MicroStation scene - shall we do something about that I wonder? Wouldn't it be nice if more people actually got a chance to discover the wonders of MicroStation? Making a better greener future even more possible.....